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Auto Accident Cases by Tom Murphrey LawA serious car accident causes physical limitations and often times personal and financial setbacks. Even a minor accident can derail you from the comfortable routine of your life. In seeking damages from the negligent party, the Murphrey Law Office places a high value on your losses. We vigorously pursue the recovery you deserve for your injuries or for the loss of a loved one who was victim to a fatal accident.


Mr. Murphrey has extensive experience in filing claims and lawsuits against commercial vehicles and mass transit corporations, including big-rig trucking companies, bus lines, delivery vehicles, construction vehicles and major airlines. These types of cases involve much higher insurance coverage (typically $2,000,000.00 or more per claim), and require the application of federal and state regulations pertaining to commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles cause a disproportionate number of fatalities and catastrophic injuries in relation to automobile accidents. It is alarming to realize that 89% of the fatalities in trucking accidents are sustained by the occupants of the automobiles and only 11% of the deaths are the truck drivers. (See statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2006-2009),


Of special concern are the victims of motorcycle accidents, who are virtually unprotected in most accidents. Statistics show that motorcyclists are 31 times more likely to suffer a fatality and 12 times more likely to suffer an injury than other motorists. Mr. Murphrey has been an avid motorcyclist for 25 years, and enjoys street cycles as well as sport bikes and dirt bikes. He understands the particular vulnerability a motorcyclist faces each time he rides, especially in traffic-congested areas such as Las Vegas. Mr. Murphrey advises cyclists in Las Vegas to avoid riding at night or on expressways, if possible.



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"My first attorney dropped my case because the insurance company called it a low impact collision. Then I hired Mr. Murphrey--he took my case to mediation and obtained a large settlement for me."