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Settlements of Tom Murphrey LawIt is important to obtain an adequate settlement which reflects the true value of your claim, and it is important that the client receive the lion’s share of the settlement. Too many times, the injured client is victimized again by her attorney. We read about cases which settle for a million dollars or more, but the client only gets a small percentage of leftovers, because the attorneys, doctors and “experts” have already taken most of the settlement. At our office, we stay focused on THE NET YOU GET because the client’s best interests are always our top priority.


An attorney who is zealous for the best interests of his client must work to reduce medical liens and minimize case costs so as to increase the client’s net recovery. For example, in one of Mr. Murphrey’s recent auto accident cases, a policy limit settlement of $1,250,000.00 was achieved. But the client was most pleased by the fact that he received a net recovery of $816,345.00, AFTER all liens, costs, and fees were paid. This was achieved by accessing secondary resources to pay part of the medical bills, and by negotiating with lien holders. It was also made possible because Mr. Murphrey offers reduced fees for 7 figure cases.



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"My first attorney dropped my case because the insurance company called it a low impact collision. Then I hired Mr. Murphrey--he took my case to mediation and obtained a large settlement for me."