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Services of Tom Murphrey LawWhether you suffered whiplash, broken bones, back injuries, or catastrophic brain injuries, paralysis, or loss of limb, you need to focus on putting your life back together. Let our office deal with the hassles related to auto repairs, insurance disputes and doctor bills.


With 15 years of experience handling personal injury claims, Thomas Murphrey has helped hundreds of clients obtain fair settlements and favorable verdicts. While most cases settle out of court, we have extensive experience in arbitration, mediation and trial. When liability is at issue, we promptly investigate to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and retain the appropriate experts to offer scientific analysis to strengthen the case. Mr. Murphrey utilizes a broad array of engineers, scientists and physicians as needed.


If your own insurance balks at its responsibilities to contribute toward your medical bills and other losses, we step in to make sure they comply with Nevada’s insurance regulations to deal promptly and fairly with you. In those occasional cases when your own insurance refuses to comply with the law, Mr. Murphrey will assist you in suing your own insurance company, in addition to suing the insurance company of the negligent party. A knowledgeable and dedicated attorney will always pursue every avenue of recovery for the client. Often times there are layers of insurance coverage, and once the primary policy is paid out, the secondary and subsequent levels of coverage should be accessed.



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"My first attorney dropped my case because the insurance company called it a low impact collision. Then I hired Mr. Murphrey--he took my case to mediation and obtained a large settlement for me."