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Premises Liability Law by Tom MurphreyPremises liability claims are based on injuries which occur when you are injured while on someone else’s property, and your injury is caused by the negligence or misconduct of the property owner or property manager. These claims usually involve a trip and fall, slip and fall, falling object, or negligent security.


Fall down accidents seem funny in the movies, yet some of the most serious injuries we encounter are those suffered by clients who slipped or tripped while patronizing a retail establishment. In fact, several celebrities, including actress Natasha Richardson and diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins, died as a result of head injuries sustained in what appeared to be a minor slip and and fall. Property owners possess a legal duty to maintain their premises free of dangerous conditions, and this includes the duty to regularly monitor the floors for wet spills and dangerous obstructions. In one case, our client slipped on a wet floor and sustained serious spinal injuries which required 2 major fusion surgeries and long-term rehabilitation. The jury awarded him $1.4 million.



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