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Client Centered Practice of Tom Murphrey Law

“THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!” — Not a typical statement from a lawyer, but Mr. Murphrey is not necessarily a typical lawyer. He believes the client’s objectives matter most. While all good attorneys are driven by a sense of justice, it is the client’s particular sense of justice which is most important. Some clients wish to settle their claims as quickly as possible, while other clients want their day in court regardless of how long it takes.

We realize that satisfied clients are good for business, and most people select their attorney through word-of-mouth referrals from prior clients. At the beginning of his legal career, Mr. Murphrey took guidance from an older attorney who said: “Getting good results for the client is a lawyer’s best advertising”.

Mr. Murphrey has never been sued by a client or reprimanded by the state bar. It is our conviction that every client possesses dignity and should be treated with respect, kindness, and honesty.




Personal Injury

Premises Liability

Vehicular Accidents

Wrongful Death

Client Centered

"My first attorney dropped my case because the insurance company called it a low impact collision. Then I hired Mr. Murphrey--he took my case to mediation and obtained a large settlement for me."